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With Pumadventure Peru tours you will

  • Promote responsible and sustainable tourism here in Cusco and throughout Peru.
  • Travel safely with the comfort of a small well takes care of group.
  • Our staff is trained and experienced on all the programs that we offer.
  • Enjoy daily discussions, contemplations, and life-changing conversations.
  • Teamwork and participation of traditional communities and wisdom.
  • Connect with ancient spiritual energies and power places that are thoughtfully chosen for you.


  • To make sure you have authentic experience of traditional Inca and Pre Inca cultures still alive in these times.
  • To teach our Andean knowledge in the local communities and expand it to the global family.
  • To awake a natural connection with  Mother Nature and its essence.
  • To make the best of your journey as you will have a whole team ready to take care of you in every part of your trip.
  • To help all the communities from Chinchero where Pumadventure family was born.
  • Always to have the best spiritual experience of Peru.


  • Pumadventure Peru Tours is an exceptional company that provides innovated services, to make the visitor enjoy the Andean world in its different facets: Spiritual, ecological and cultural that would move our world view.
  • To teach our staff and customers about sustainable tourism.
  • To fill and exceed the expectations of our clients.
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