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Special Features

PUMADVENTURE PERU TOURS invites you join us in this adventure journey of a lifetime we make sure you have a richer experience that will inspire even more journeys with us. That is why we have added many elements that are unique to our journeys.


We include opportunities where you can enjoys the freedom and yet guided by our staff to have the best of you travel by yourself in some of the most important sacred sites, unhurried and away from crowds. You can go more deeply into your own experience and be for you alone.


When we invite you to explore with us the fascinating World of spirituality and ancient cultures we really hope you discover more of your self-connected to all this sacred Mystery.


We guide you in shedding the work-a-day world you have left, and open to the energies of the magic you will find yourself in. In this optional daily practice you will learn to tune in and discover the wisdom and essence that you carry within you.


Camping on the Inca Trail or other Adventurous routes is an amazing experience with us. You are supported in being completely at your best comfort and that way have the best Camping experience all around the Andes. As we work with highly experienced team of Porters and Guides on all our journeys, ready to assist you in the best way possible. Hot water will be available in bowls to sponge bath when you arrive in camp sites and in the morning when you get up. Gourmet Meals will be served to you prepared with love by our top Chefs that are trained and specialized.

Pumadventure Peru tours take care of the smallest details on your trip.

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