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ENTER THE MYSTERY–QUEST OF A LIFE TIME!! When you touch the Soil of this ancient land and people you will discover the Source of your own Inner Light. With Pumadventures you will experience events, places, people and challenges that will transform your life. Our journeys to Peru are Doorways of Initiation. The intent of this doorway is to give you the means to move freely and travel deeply into the magic of the moment NOW. Through connection with the power of the sacred sites of Peru, you’ll expand your ability to work with the energies of your own nature. You’ll experience your ability to project your spirit beyond the limitations of the mind and explore the great Mystery of the spiritual World. These mystical experiences are an immersion to the fascinating ancient Cultures of the Andes and your connection to this magical land. Our Journeys are not about the destination they are about the best experiences along the Journey, this is why for us is priority to offer every grand experience along the trip. Choosing carefully for you all the best Places to visit that are often off the beaten path.


Today we enjoy a scenic train ride along the Urubamba River to the charming village of Aguas Calientes. After checking in to our hotel we make our way by bus to the sanctuary of Machu Picchu for our spiritual awakening. “The Lost City of the Incas” is an inspiring and beautiful sacred site, an architectural wonder, and a great testament to Incan Civilization. Once used primarily as an astronomical Observatory, Machu Picchu now attracts thousands of visitors each year to connect with the sacred energies of this special place. Because it sits within 3 corresponding high peaks of power which create an energy triangle, it is a perfect spot to sit and meditate, focus your intent, and grow your awareness.

During our time here we will visit the Temple of the Sun and Moon, the Temple of the Condor, the Temple of the Three Windows, and the spiritual center of the Intihuatana, or the Hitching Post of the Sun to connect with the upper and lower worlds and the elements of air, and fire. Enjoy a few moments for private reflection and exploration, before being guided into a heart-opening ceremony to connect with Pachamama and the universal energies that encompass us a life changing experience.
(Overnight in Aguas Calientes)


We return to Machu Picchu once again for another day of introspection and reflection. Spend the day exploring the magic of this special place and being fully present in each moment of wonder. During our special day we connect with the spirits of the Apus and the heart of Pachamama for a deeply profound and transformational experience. Learn how to release old habits and patterns that do not serve you so that you may begin anew. With the guidance of Puma and the support of new friends, find the inspiration to recreate your life to live out your soul’s purpose.
Later in the day we travel back to Cusco and retire for the evening.  In the evening we will enjoy a farewell dinner with music and traditional dancing for those leaving us at the end of the journey.


  • Private transportation to ollantaytambo.
  • train to Ollantaytambo-Aguas calientes-Ollantaytambo.
  • Hotel in Aguas Calientes.
  • Bus to Aguas Calientes-Machupicchu Sanctuary-Aguas Calientes two days.
  • Entrances to Machupicchu arqueological site and Waynapicchu.
  • Guide.
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