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In Search of the Ultimate


Journeying as Pilgrim

There is a world we yearn for, beyond the world we know. Usually this yearning sits quietly, an ember hidden beneath the busy-ness of our days until in an unguarded moment when an unexpected breeze stirs the ember to life. Everyone has had the experienced the strike of lightning, the sudden realization it is time to make a shift.

A pilgrim however holds the ember steadfastly to the wind and follows the light cast by the resulting flame to unanticipated destinations quite distinct the travelling itself.

Travelling as pilgrim one has made a quantum leap from other modes of travel. As well as being on a physical travel adventure, one finds oneself on a second journey, one of spirit, fully alert, fully open to the insights and gifts that will transform the inner landscape of one’s being. Transformation is not an accident, it is a real objective.

When one travels in the mode of pilgrim travelling is no longer a diversion. A pilgrimage holds a clear underlying intention, a quest for meaning, a desire to know more. In the mind of a pilgrim this creates a readiness to follow where existence lead, to see and to learn from the experiences it brings. This intention releases the incredible power of the brain as a tool. Once focused and alert, the brain becomes a scanner able to find supporting evidence, clues, and information everywhere. The effect is like a magnet drawing waves of information and insights until we see ourselves reflected in everything around us.

In this mode the world becomes more personalized, more manageable, and more sacred. The inevitable result is reverence, a sense of humility and wonder at the marvelous flow of synchronicity and events-and a profound gratitude for the blessing implied by it all. All the while-above this internal dynamic of the pilgrim-one’s physical travel experience is immeasurably enriched.

Ultimately the important thing is not so much where one goes, but asking for more from your travels. Just be sure you are ready for the results that will come to you!

In the end the pilgrim in each of us knows that the ‘world’ we yearn for is the infinite greatness of our own full fully expressed and connected selves. Whether we choose to travel in life as pilgrim instead of tourist is a matter of individual timing and readiness.

What is certain is that each of us, at some time will have the chance.

PUMADVENTURE PERU TOURS awaits you with open arms.

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