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ENTER THE MYSTERY–QUEST OF A LIFE TIME!! When you touch the Soil of this ancient land and people you will discover the Source of your own Inner Light. With Pumadventures you will experience events, places, people and challenges that will transform your life. Our journeys to Peru are Doorways of Initiation. The intent of this doorway is to give you the means to move freely and travel deeply into the magic of the moment NOW. Through connection with the power of the sacred sites of Peru, you’ll expand your ability to work with the energies of your own nature. You’ll experience your ability to project your spirit beyond the limitations of the mind and explore the great Mystery of the spiritual World. These mystical experiences are an immersion to the fascinating ancient Cultures of the Andes and your connection to this magical land. Our Journeys are not about the destination they are about the best experiences along the Journey, this is why for us is priority to offer every grand experience along the trip. Choosing carefully for you all the best Places to visit that are often off the beaten path.


In this Journey we will explore the ancient wisdom and traditional healing techniques that was known for thousands of years on the Andes, ways of being conscious that produce absolute healing and liberation, realizing that all we need is to be always connected with Pachamama

(Mother Earth) and take care of our own nature to be happy and to be of better service to family, Community and to the world.



CuscoRise for our flight to Cusco (3,400m (11,150ft.). After settling into a delightful hotel, enjoy an introductory tour of this extraordinary World Heritage city. You will begin to see through the veils of time. In our initial ceremony at this Navel of the Inca Universe, we will set a sacred intention for our own reconnection to the Mother earth, aligning ourselves to be completely and absolutely in our pilgrimage, open to what the Cosmos will unfold for us in our coming days together.

In the evening we will gather together for our Welcome Dinner of traditional Peruvian cuisine and enjoy the local entertainment.

(Overnight in Cusco at the Costa del Sol – Ramada Cusco or Similar)


SacsahuamanWe begin with a visit to Sacsayhuamán, where we will marvel at this architectural wonder and learn the mystery and legends of how this stone-walled complex was constructed. We will connect with the “Sacred Trilogy of the Puma Serpent and Condor” and learn about what the Incan elders believed of parallel dimensions. As we walk through the temple of Sacsayhuamán, known as the womb of Pachamama, we will experience a process of rebirth. At the Temple of the Condor we will participate in an Andean Initiation Ceremony to connect with the ancestors. We then continue on to Tambomachay, a favorite resting place of the Incas, commonly referred to as the Baños Del Inca or Baños de la Ñusta, (Baths of the Incas or Baths of the Princess). This site, once used for ritual bathing, is believed to be a temple dedicated to the worship of water. As we listen to the crystalline water springs flow over the magnificently carved stones, we will connect with the element of water. After visiting other sacred temples around the mountain, we return to the city of Cusco for a city tour and to immerse ourselves in the smiles and laughter of the local people. We may also have a moment to visit the markets to shop for some local handicrafts. Later we visit Inka Museum.

(Overnight in Cusco at the Costa del Sol – Ramada Cusco or Similar)


ChincheroChinchero, a small village located high up in the mountains, offers spectacular views over the Sacred Valley and the snowcapped peaks of the Andes. Renowned for its beautiful traditional weavings, this town is the perfect place to pick up souvenirs and gifts. Here we immerse ourselves in the local community meeting village elders and the friendly local inhabitants.

We will have the pleasure of meeting Puma’s family to learn more of their traditional ways and practices and perhaps hear a few stories and tales. We will learn more about Puma’s mother’s foundation, the Ayni Ayllu Weaving Cooperative and hopefully pick up a few treasures for ourselves and loved ones back home. Enjoy the evening at your leisure to prepare for your visit to sacred INCA TRAIL, the next day.

(Overnight in the Sacred Valley at the Inkallpa Yanahuara Hotel or similar)


PisaqSantuarioHuancaWe leave early to work with the condor in the mountain above Pisaq. There we conduct a powerful ceremony of liberation and connection with our ancestors. In the afternoon we visit the sanctuary of Huanca. We learn of its remarkable history, and receive sacred healing from the mountain and the Lord of Huanca. We return in the evening to our garden sanctuary.

(Overnight in the Sacred Valley at the Inkallpa Yanahuara Hotel or similar)


HananpachaAfter further work with the condor in Ollantaytambo, to integrate cosmic wisdom into our lives, we visit the Inti Ayllu. Those who wish will be able to experience the master plant Wachuma (San Pedro) guided by shaman, Puma. In the night we will have a sweat lodge ceremony and wait for the sun with grandfather and grandmother fire. This is a time of rebirth from the womb of Pachamama (sweat lodge.) This is the first level of rebirth into our lives and our true essence.

(Overnight in the Sacred Valley at the Inkallpa Yanahuara Hotel or similar)


MachuWe rise early for breakfast and a two-hour journey to Machu Picchu. When we arrive we will go immediately up to the Sanctuary for a day of ceremony. We will enter in silence, so you can observe your resonance with the energies there. Then we work with the three sacred Beings of the Inca trinity: Condor, Ruler of the realm of spirit, Puma, Ruler of the realm of physical manifestation, and the sacred serpent,
Amaru, Ruler of the realm of the psyche, of death and rebirth. Free afternoon to continue your energy exploration in the Sanctuary or opt to explore the Machu Picchu town.

(Overnight in Aguas Calientes at the Waman Hotel or Similar)


HuaynapicchuWere tirn early to the Sanctuary to work further with the Puma, Condor and Amaru. This day we visit, in sacred ceremony, three temples in the temple of Self Realization -one of liberation, one of the cosmic Father and cosmic Mother and one of connection with Mother Earth-to elevate the frequency of our vibration. In the afternoon you will set out in search of your soul ‘mirrors’ and reflect on how you will integrate and express what you have learned. Optional climb up Huayna Picchu.

(Overnight in Aguas Calientes at the Waman Hotel or Similar)


CoricanchaWe take the morning train to Cusco. And a closing circle of thanksgiving at the Coricancha, Inca’s Sacred Centre of the Cosmos. Afternoon free to finish any uncompleted work and prepare for departure. Farewell dinner in the evening.

(Overnight in Cusco at the Costa del Sol – Ramada Cusco or Similar)


End of our services as you fly to Lima and time to enjoy the wide range of restaurants. Oportunity to visit museums. Rest for your flight home.

Day 10: TITICACA (B, L) LagoTiticaca

Say good bye to our families before boarding a flight to Juliaca and Lake Titicaca. In the afternoon visit Sillustani and the floating island community of Uros.

(Overnight in Puno at the Royal Inn Puno Hotel or Similar)

DAY 11: TIAHUANACO (B, L, D)Tiahuanaco

We enter Bolivia to visit ancient Tiahuanaco and work with the Masters of Light in their power places and monoliths. This is the second level of rebirth through the sacred water-a birth into the totality of cosmos, time and space.

(Overnight in Tiahuanaco-Bolivia)


Meditacion PunoReturn to Puno visiting special places of power to prepare for a powerful option for completing the trip: a personal, intensive vision quest hours in private meditation and ceremony personal communion with the earth, the ancestors and the cosmos, fasting through the afternoon and night until the dawning of the new day. A time to integrate teachings of the tour and set your personal intentions and goals for your future. This quest blends wisdom of the North with wisdom of the South, in the knowledge that we are all part of one global family.

(Overnight in Puno at the Royal Inn Puno Hotel or Similar)



This morning we journey to Aramu Muru’s Doorway in the Valley of the Spirits. We will tread carefully upon large rock formations in the shapes of a serpent and puma to connect with the energies of the Lower and Middle Worlds. As we trek to the Doorway we pass by the mysterious Valley of the Spirits and a mystical arrangement of natural rock formations.

At Aramu Muru’s Doorway, known to be a portal into other dimensions, we will be led into ceremony to honor our own personal growth and transformation and our own rebirth and crossing into our new life. Work with the medicine all day.

In the afternoon we make our way to the sacred ancient fertility temple of Chucuito, which means “dwelling or place of the Inca”. This walled enclosure is filled with phallic shaped stone carvings, some of which point up at the sky toward Inti, the Inca Sun God, while others lie resting on the ground towards Pachamama.

(Overnight in Puno at the Royal Inn Puno Hotel or Similar)

Day 14: FLY TO LIMA.

DespedidaLimaFinal ceremony of integration and farewell before boarding the plane to Lima.
You feel at one with the universe and know why you’re alive.
I recommend that you both continue as long as you can in leading these spiritual a journey as they are invaluable-certainly was to me! Thanks from the heart.


B Breakfast
L Lunch
S Snack
D Dinner
BL Boxed Lunch


Tour Includes:

  • 12 nights’ accommodation at 3 and 4 star hotels in Double Occupancy
  • Breakfast Daily, 10 Lunches, 2 Dinners
  • Transportation by Private Coach
  • Train to/from Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu) (vistadome)
  • Entrance to Machu Picchu for TWO DAYS with shuttle service
  • Boat rides and safety equipment
  • All entrance fees to Archaeological Sites and Temples
  • Tour guide in English.
  • Assistant guide

Added Features:

  • Travel with Pumadventure Peru & Tours
  • Welcome and Farewell Dinners
  • Visits to Sacred Sites and Temples
  • Despacho and Andean Ceremonies
  • Traditional Energy Work
  • Optional work with the sacred Andean Medicine, San Pedro (Wachuma) and read the coca leaf
  • Invited Healers for Ceremonies

Tour Does Not Include:

  • International and domestic flights.
  • Cancellation & Medical Insurance
  • Meals and drinks not specified
  • Airport Taxes.
  • Cost to obtain valid passport
  • Tips & Gratuities for drivers, bellboys, waiters, etc.
  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls. Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final retreat itinerary.

Note: If you are unable to book your flights Lima/Cusco and Cusco/Lima on your international ticket, we can arrange these flights on a separate cost basis. We can also advise about hotels in Lima if necessary. Please enquire anything needed to make your trip as leisure as possible.



  • Aranwa Pueblito Encantado del Colca 4estrellas


  • Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel 5estrellas
  • Belmond Hotel Monasterio 5estrellas
  • Belmond Palacio Nazarenas 5estrellas
  • JW Marriot El Convento Cusco 5estrellas
  • Casa Andina Collection Cusco 4estrellas
  • Hotel Ramada Cusco 4estrellas
  • Sueños del Inka 3estrellas
  • Tierra Viva Cusco 3estrellas


  • Casa Andina Machupicchu 4estrellas
  • Tierra Viva Cusco Machupicchu Hotel4estrellas
  • Hotel Waman in Machupicchu 3estrellas


  • Aranwa Paracas Resort & Spa 5estrellas
  • Casa Andina Nazca 3estrellas


  • Casa Andina Private Collection Puno4estrellas
  • Royal Inn Puno4estrellas
  • Tierra Viva Puno Plaza Hotel3estrellas

Sacred Valley

  • Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Wellness 5estrellas
  • Casa Andina Private Collection Valle Sagrado5estrellas
  • Tambo del Inka Luxury5estrellas
  • Inkallpa 3estrellas
  • Willka Tika3estrellas


  • Casa Andina Miraflores4estrellas
  • Tierra Viva iraflores Larco Hotel 4estrellas

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